60 TV is 52.3″ x 29.4″. The diagonal measurement of a 60” screen is not 60 because TVs are displayed in widescreen format. If you divide the number of horizontal pixels by the number of vertical pixels, you get the actual size of the screen which comes out to 32:9 (for example, 1440/1080 = 1.78). This is the aspect ratio of a 60” TV.



60'' TV

* sizes may vary by brand and model

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What are the dimensions of a 60-inch TV in cm?

A 60 television is about 135.38 centimeters in width, 81.53 centimeters in height, and 28.19 centimeters thick (when measured from the outer edges of the TV to its inner edges).

In feet

60″ TV dimensions in feet 53.30 inches 32.10 inches 11.10 inches

Smart TV

Smart TV is a term used to refer to any television set with some Internet-based features such as video on demand and streaming services. The term is generally applied to web-enabled TVs allowing access to Internet TV and online interactive media, over traditional broadcast signals or via broadband.

Box dimensions

1590 X 200 X 950 MM


A 60″ TV has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which is often listed as [horizontal] x [vertical] size in inches. In other words, a 60″ TV has 8 million pixels.

VIZIO 58-Inch M7

SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A



Screen sizes 58″ 60″
Release year 2021 2021
60 inch TV measurements 50.66 x 10.9 x 30.85″ 50.66 x 10.9 x 30.85″
Item Weight 35,3 pounds 43 pounds