You’ll never miss the game when you watch it on this dynamic 80” TV. See your favorite shows in full, vivid color with Nano Cell.
The latest in lighting technology delivers deep, balanced blacks without sacrificing bright highlights for this dynamic 80” television. And with local dimming, you get enriched colors and more detailed contrast in every scene.

80 inch TV height and width

Width of the TV screen: 65.9” from left to right, not including the frame.
Height of the TV screen: 40.5”.

80 inch TV dimensions in cm

WIDTH 179 cm
HEIGHT 102 cm

Smart TV

Smart TV (a television set with embedded Internet and Web 2.0 features) is a convergence device that employs wireless connectivity to connect to the Internet through built-in “apps”. Applications provide access to streaming media services, such as Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu; online interactive entertainment; purchased or rented digital media content; software updates; games; video.

Box dimensions

Depth: 47.80 in (121 cm)
Length: 80 in (203 cm)
Width: 6.38 in (16.2 cm)