Mesmerize your eyes with stunningly sharp 4K Ultra HD picture quality, enhanced color accuracy, and an incredible dynamic contrast ratio in the same sleek form factor you love.

The elevated design is more than looks, with a gorgeous metallic finish and streamlined shape.

4K Smart TV Powered by Tizen – Experience next-generation apps, super easy control, and an expanded smart experience that goes beyond the grid.

Its sleek profile makes it visually appealing even when turned off.

tv 82 in

* sizes may vary by brand and model

82 inch TV height and width

An 82 inch TV is an unusually large-sized high-definition flat-screen television.

Even if we were to assume that the average height and width of such a TV is 15.5 x 72 inches, some ranges go as small as 11 x 52 or as large as 19 x 90 inches.

82 inch TV dimensions in cm

82 inch TV dimensions are about 185 cm high by 106 cm wide. This is the most common size of flat-screen TV for most living rooms with normal ceilings, where space is at a premium.

In feet

The diagonal size of a television screen is 6.8333 ft. The width of the television in feet is 5.9558 ft, and the height in feet is 3.3501 ft.

Smart TV

A SmartTV can provide all kinds of new features to your home, from being able to access streaming services, gaming consoles, apps for your phone, music, and more. All you need is a SmartTV and a WiFi connection and you can get instant access for thousands of hours.

Box dimensions

Inside Dimensions:
82 x 8 x 50″


Ultra-D technology latest innovation in the LED display. Utilizing an innovative screen division algorithm that separates the image into the three primary colors (RGB), Ultra-D takes full advantage of LED technology to ensure that all colors are displayed in their utmost beauty.

The Pixel Ultra-D division algorithm dynamically splits each pixel into three subpixels, optimally controlling their luminescence to express the most accurate color possible.

By dividing each LED subpixel individually, it can control the width of sub-pixel units separately, expanding pixels when necessary for a flawless picture that’s incredibly sharp and realistic.

RCA 82-inch Class SAMSUNG 82-Inch Class Crystal
Resolution 4K 4K
Display Technology LED LCD
Screen sizes 82” 82”
Release year 2021 2020
Item Weight 99 pounds 85.8 pounds
82” TV measurements 9 x 80 x 50” 15.5 x 72 x 45.2”